Monthly Archive: February 2014


Bring Back the 80s (and Early 90s)

I miss the cheesy action films & TV shows from the 80′s / early 90′s. Back in those days, people actually had original ideas.  Sure, they were generally moronic and simplistic ideas — but...


ESPN’s Useless LeBron Story of the Day

From ESPN: LeBron James is swollen and sore after suffering a blow and cuts to the face in the Miami Heat’s win Thursday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but he expects to play Sunday...


Gigi Marvin + T.J. Oshie = America’s Couple

No doubt about it, the entire feel and essence of high school is captured in this photo. Future U.S. Olympians doing their thing.  It’s just the Frosty Festival, no biggie.  I love how Oshie’s...


Future Olympian In the Making

This kid definitely has what it takes to become a future Olympian.  Check out how he psyches out the poor girl on his right at the 8 second mark.  “Oh, putting your finger out...


The Lost Art of Video Game Covers

For a minute, let’s forget about discussing the evolution of video games.  Yes, the graphics on games today are unreal.  No doubt about it.  But let’s focus on the transformation of video game box...

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