People Are Actually Paying Money to Dye Their Hair Gray


NYT: Gone are the days when guys would actively avoid graying hair. For a new generation of adventurous men, dyeing one’s hair gray is gaining traction, appropriating a naturally occurring phenomenon from older men and giving it a millennial twist.

“Men are embracing color more in a general way,” said Amie Rau, a stylist at Matthew Morris Salon in Denver, who dyed Mr. Kenworthy’s hair. “This is an extension of that.”

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  If you’re someone who dyes your hair gray because you think looking older makes you look cooler, you probably also deserve to die sooner.  “Oh man, looking old and run down and like you’re pretty close to death is so cool!”.  No, it definitely is not cool.  First it was the crazy beards, then it was the man buns, and now this.  I don’t consider myself cool and even I know this isn’t cool.

God I hate people.

I’m not even technically sure if I’m part of the Millenial generation, but if I am, I gotta say: we suck.  Personally, I consider myself more of an Oregon Trail Generation kind of guy, though.  We just go bald, get a little fatter, throw on a pair of Miller’s Outpost jeans, some Cool Water cologne, and live life.

So yeah, WE don’t suck, Millenials suck.

P.S.  What do you do if you’re going bald and want to be idiot-hipster-cool?  Do you dye your facial hair?  Who knows, I’m just glad I have no fashion sense, one less thing for me to worry about.

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