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The Laser Hair Removal Experience

Judging by my previous piece, it seems like our audience really gets a kick out of my pain. It was that or just the simple fact that a man finally admitted that females go...


What Your Guy Needs: A Gift Guide to the Ladies

Ladies, having trouble finding that perfect gift for the dude in your life? Most likely, when you asked the guy what he wants for Christmas, he responded with a generic statement like “Uh, I...


Cain’s Classic Christmas Guide for Men

MEN: After years of research and thousands of man-hours, I’ve put together this guide to help both you and me choose the right gift.  It’s very easy to use — determine your current status...


I Tried Bikram Yoga & Failed Spectacularly

Inspired by Matt’s brave / miserable attempt at Pure Barre, I decided to try Bikram Yoga with my wife this weekend.  As she put it, “she’s ONLY been trying to get me to go for...


Dude of the Week: Dan Lehman

I’m sure you’ve clicked on this post thinking to yourself “Who the hell is Dan Lehman?!” I can assure you that when I woke up this Saturday, I had no idea who this guy...

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